Sunday, August 3, 2008

Last day & Brown came to visit us!!

Isn't this way too much fun. They came and brought a special delivery to all 5,700 of us who were still there for closing session. The house went nuts!!! There was confetti, UPS guys running everywhere and people screaming at the top of their lungs forever with glee. Shelli said she did warn UPS we were going to go ballistic. We all got the Ronald McDonald House featured stamp set, "Say It With Scallops" which in turn gives Ronald McDonald House $2 for every time we sell the stamp set . How exciting is that!! Brown appreciates us doing business with them and we love it when brown shows up on our door step. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a picture with them!This is the stamp set they bought for us. Isn't it great!
This one is "Eastern Blooms" and was in our bag at check in" Doesn't have so many possibilities!
This is "Flight of the Butterfly", also in the bag at check in. Just love it, love it!
Last but I am sure not least, "Inspired by Nature". It was easier to show this one off by taking the picture from the catalog. This one will be awesome to use. It is the size of a background stamp and so beautiful. We used it to decorate a bag for one of our make and takes.
I am sorry I was unable to post last night. There wasn't enough time after dinner and packing it was late and we had to be up early again to get to the airport this morning. I almost forgot my cell phone and our blow dryer died. It was a little crazy but we made it home safe and sound. My back pack was so heavy. I think it had to weigh at least 20 pounds. I packed my swaps and 3D's in my suitcase to check in BUT I carried my 4 sets of stamps and some other things I bought at Momento Mall in my backpack. I can replace clothes and cards, but I can't replace the other stuff! Now that I am back home I am not sure I will be posting every day but I will trying to post at least once a week. I hope you enjoyed some of the Convention Highlights.

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Reinie said...

seemed like fun :-)

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