Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Feel Good Colors!

I am trying to add things that make me happy to my scrapbook/stamp room. A friend helped me make this arrangement. I had all the pieces and she helped me put them all together. I think it came out great! I can't wait to put it in my room. First I have to reorganize and put it back together. Since convention I have been running like crazy from one thing to the next and thus I have just been dumping things here and there into my room. It is on my list of things to do this week.
You are probably wondering what these things even are doing together. Well at convention Shelli had on an apron made from our die cuts for the Big Shot. Well right away I just knew it was something I was going to have to try and make myself. I haven't been sewing so much since okay let's face it--years! But why not do a quick simple method of sewing. So I will let you know how my experiment goes as there is no pattern and I am definetely winging it. But it has never stopped me in the past. I got the fabric on sale so if it ends of up the trash it won't be a great loss. Below is the apron Shelli wore at convention. I love it but I need a little more color.

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