Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stampin' Up is Celebrating 25 Years!

1988:  25 years ago, in 1988, Stampin' Up! was born... Shelli and her sister LaVonne started Stampin' Up! in their living room, and WOW HOW IT HAS GROWN!!

1994:  I was introduced to Stampin' Up in 1994.  I was invited to a party and right away I saw the potential of saving money and making my own cards.   I have come a long way since back then but I thought they were masterpieces! I got together with other friends to create cards for upcoming events on a regular basis while the kids played together.  I even started my very first card swap group.  We would exchange cards on a monthly basis.  Some people were even in a different state.  

2005:  In 2005, I decided to sign up as a Demonstrator.  I had only attended a handful of workshops.  I always managed to get my hands on a catalog and would make up my lists of what I wanted to continue to create my scrapbook pages or cards.  I remember my very first workshop!  Since I hadn't been to too many workshops I wasn't even sure how to go about doing one.  But with some help and coaching and thank heavens a small group, it went fine and we had a lot of fun! 

Today:  I am still sharing what I LOVE TO DO and HELPING others achieve their goals and desires.  I can't believe it will 7 years in October with Stampin' Up!  Join me in celebrating ALL YEAR LONG as Stampin' Up celebrates 25 years of making a difference!

"Best of 25 Years" Stamps

 One of the VERY FUN ways Stampin' UP! will be celebrating all year long is a new "BEST OF" stamp set to be released each month!
  • These sets will bring back some of our favorite stamp images from the last 25 years.
  • One set will be released each month.
  • They will include images from past sets as well as a never before seen image in each set
  • each set will include 3 to 5 images and will be $14.95
  • collect 6 of these sets (with a 25-year proof of purchase sticker) starting in February, and redeem a free set of your choice in the spring of 2014
  • all "Best of" sets available until March 31, 2014
Email me for your COLLECTORS CARD after you have 

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The Mann Fam said...

I hadn't realized you have be stampin' your heart out for so many years. Your work has always been great stuff!

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